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About Us

  • We believe in body care products that are good for the environment and good for you. 
  • Body care products should be clean--no artificial colors, preservatives, or anything else you wouldn’t want on you or your family.  
  • Which is why we are transparent and always let you know exactly what is in our products.
  • Your bath experience should feel and smell great and leave your skin the way you like it, nourished, smooth and moisturized.
  • Since we started, we’ve been on a journey to make body care as a whole better. And you can be sure we will never stop.

Things We Avoid

Here are the things we never use in any of our products, and why:

  • Ethoxylated ingredients (including "e-wax" or "emulsifying wax", polysorbates, and things that end in "eth", all used in many natural skin care products). The reason for this is that ethoxylation releases 1-4 dioxane (so yucky) into our water supply.
  • Parabens and phthalates due to hormonal and endocrine side effect potential.
  • Synthetic fragrance, including fragrance oils or fragrance based preservatives (Parfum, for example, is on many ingredient lists. It's a preservative with fragrance, sometimes synthetic and sometimes naturally derived.) I avoid these because I, like many others, have a bad reaction to synthetic fragrance – headaches mostly – while I can wear natural perfume all day.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (or other similar sulfates) due to high skin irritation potential. (This is a major offender for perioral dermatitis sufferers.)
  • Petroleum-based ingredients because decreasing dependence on the petroleum industry would be good for this planet. Also, petroleum products have comedogenic (pore blocking) properties – our skin is an exchange organ, and products that block that exchange seem particularly unhealthy to me. This category includes phenoxyethanol, a preservative approved for use in organic products, but still a petroleum-derived and ethoxylated ingredient.
  • Artificial colors – because nature gives us plenty of options. FD&C colors are associated with allergic reactions, as well as possible carcinogenicity.
  • Ingredients that involve animal cruelty.

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